Library Card

Today I signed a library card

I clipped it to my keys, so I could always be prepared

The entire province of New Brunswick is new to me

I am reminded because I now hold a “powerful tool”

That is a privilege is a responsibility is a burden is

“Stephanie’s Ponytail” at 9:37 on a rainy Tuesday morning

When I really should be in Psychology instead of the public library

But sometimes a regression is better than a power and a point

Because “The first to come was the teacher.

She had shaved her head and she was bald.”

So I stared until she gave me a B

I eat the Kinder Surprise that I bought for myself

And set the disappointment on the shelf for someone else

In celebration, I count on my toes the number of times I have smiled today

And leave the bitter realization alongside the egg

Because nothing is ever as wonderful as you remember it

I would give anything for a banana Minigo and a spoon

And a memory of my “nice little ponytail coming right out the back”

Instead I have my 19th birthday and a piece of carpet

Thanks to Robert Munsch

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