I am a Jew. I was brought up watching documentaries and reading books on the Holocaust and listening to the stories of Holocaust survivors. I have always been taught that we must continue to educate future generations about the past to stop history from repeating itself. Recent events at Mount Allison shook me to my […]

Despite recognizing positive aspects of the day, I do not enjoy Bell Let’s Talk. Critiques of the initiative abound online, citing problems with the sanitization of mental illness, the use of others’ lived experiences for corporate gain, a lack of diversity among faces and stories of the campaign, the representation of only “overcoming” narratives and […]

Exercise is a word that holds many different meanings to different people. To me, exercise is a word that brings both a smile to my face and a hidden discomfort. Physical activity in the form of sports has had a large role in my life. As a child, I played a plethora of sports growing […]

Being a Mount Allison freshman has provided me with the opportunity to meet many different types of people in a rather short period of time. People I meet often ask, “Hey! What’s your major?” – which, I admit, is a rather harmless question. But as one of the first things you tell someone about yourself, […]

This March, a New Brunswick-made film about the work of Sackville’s very own Community Forest International (CFI) will be taking home a major award at the world’s largest environmental film festival in Washington, D.C. The film is called Kokota: The Islet of Hope and features the climate change work CFI has been doing in Africa. […]

In an ongoing project titled The Golden USB, Montreal-based artists Richard Ighby and Marilou Lemmens invite us to consider how we understand our world through the lens of commodification. Reflecting on the ability of commerce to break down borders, the artists explore the relationship between global, earth-bound capitalism and the frontier of outer space. As […]

Whether we like it or not, our clothing says a great deal about who we are. A visual voice, our garments talk without us having to. Fast fashion dominates the retail industry. The goal of fast fashion companies is to take designs seen on runways and make them accessible for consumers to buy, bringing garments […]