Sabrina Stace on costuming a cast of sixteen for the this month’s Motyer-Fancy production The cast and director of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead are hard at work memorizing lines and fine-tuning blocking. Two floors up in the costume shop, Sabrina Stace is repurposing a prom dress, crafting glitter beards and hand-stitching eight Shakespearean neck […]

Facilities management report Gairdner and Barclay construction to be completed by 2018 If you have been on campus, you have probably seen and heard the renovations taking place. The Barclay and Gairdner buildings have been undergoing renovations since June 2017 to update their infrastructure and improve accessibility. The goal of the renovations is to improve […]

Sam Donaldson  is a fourth-year honours student in the chemistry department. “For the thesis component of my degree I have been working with my supervisor, Dr. Westcott, in the Wild Toads lab to synthesize ligand compounds based on maltol, a common food additive. These wonderfully frustrating compounds can be hard to make, but create very […]

Grammy-nominated choir to visit on Saturday, Oct. 14 Mount Allison is about to experience a once-in-a-lifetime treat. If you are at all interested in the performing arts, no matter the medium, mark Saturday Oct. 14 in your calendar. At 7:30 p.m., the Elora Singers will serenade listeners at the Brunton auditorium for a couple of […]

I had not heard about The Bad Batch until a few hours prior to seeing it, which I think was to the film’s benefit. I was looking for clues as to where the narrative was going, and the film’s opening few minutes gave me lots to grab onto. The opening is well shot and incredibly […]

David Lieske discusses aging dikes, rising tides and climate change The Tantramar dikes are beautiful components of Sackville’s landscape, but what is their importance? What do they do and how long will they last? To learn about these structures, I turned to David Lieske, an associate professor in the department of geography and environment at […]