We aren’t free from the patriarchy yet What words would you use to deeply insult a man? Maybe something like sissy. Princess. You little bitch. Don’t be a pussy. You *insert verb here* like a girl. What do these insults have in common? If you said, “They’re all feminine or in some way related to/associated […]

Campus accessibility issues often unrecognized by those unaffected At first glance, the environment of Mount Allison shares a beauty appreciated by all – unfortunately, many are not able to travel as safely as they would like. There are students with various needs based on various disabilities and movement disorders, from chronic pain to tremors to […]

Adapted from a conversation with Doreen Richard, Mount Allison’s coordinator of Indigenous affairs Doreen Richard once taught a boy who was repeating a grade in a Grade 5/6 split classroom. “I looked at his transcript,” she said, “and I knew this kid was capable.” Knowing this, Richard struck a deal with the principal. If she […]

Musical theatre society stages a fresh take on the ‘New Yorker’s’ famously macabre family If you were to stop in at Convocation Hall before Jan. 27, you’d be greeted by a looming two-storey purple set, a torture rack and a crossbow. You’d also meet the death-loving Addams clan and their ancestors, including a dead bride, […]

The President’s Speakers Series continues to captivate with guest Indigenous teacher The President’s Speakers Series continued Jan. 16 evening in Crabtree auditorium. The speaker, Elder Albert Marshall, who comes from the Moose clan of the Mi’kmaw nation, spoke to a packed audience. Crabtree, Mount Allison’s second-largest lecture hall, was brimming with excitement at the opportunity […]

Students attend performances by Runge and Sherkin Last Saturday evening, pianists Adam Sherkin and Stephen Runge collaborated in a piano recital that featured works for solo and duo piano. Works by English composer Benjamin Britten (1913-1976) dominated the program, with works by Colin McPhee (1900-1964), one of Britten’s friends, as another main feature. “The concert […]

A heartfelt, focused documentary that articulates the struggle of the marginalized The first shot in the 2016 documentary Angry Inuk is of the arctic: it is beautiful, desolate and isolated. A hunter shoots, hooks and skins a seal. While butchering the animal, the hunter explains how each piece of the seal will be used in […]