Discussion Corner: “What can Mt. A and members of its community do to reduce the campus’s environmental impact?”

Members of the Mount Allison community share their thoughts on this week’s topic

Ella Porter

On a broad level, divesting from fossil fuels and investing in green energy is one step to reducing our environmental impact. On a smaller level, making sure that the three-bag waste system is used properly by students. Some places on campus are still set up for the old system, some labels are misleading and some students are unaware of how to sort their waste. Seeing plastic in the compost is one of my biggest pet peeves!

Noah Fry

Offer rebates for bringing your own mug to Gracie’s and/or the library.

Elizabeth Copeland


Sophie Hanson

More effort could be put toward making the University buildings more energy-efficient and attempting to use more renewable energy sources.

Caitlin Gallant

The best thing that you can do to start reducing your environmental impact is to look at ways of cutting down on personal waste. Start small by cutting out plastic cutlery or straws, and then gradually eliminate as much disposable products that you can. Oh – and learn to follow the garbage streams!

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