The Olympics are an exciting time: All the adrenaline, the uncharacteristically brutal Canadian competitiveness and the one time every four years that lets us appreciate our winters. Much like all institutions and cultural phenomena, the Olympics are constantly changing, with new sports being added to the games all the time. Lucky for you, we at […]

In a moving speech, influential activist discusses the repercussions of human activity Tuesday, Feb. 8 was a night riddled with storm warnings. Most of the East Coast was completely shut down and there was a halt on most travel throughout the Maritimes – but the Wu Centre was packed. Community members and Mount Allison students […]

Thomas Morgan Jones of Theatre New Brunswick applies techniques from across the globe “Frustration is a kind of tension, isn’t it?” Thomas Morgan Jones asked at one point during his workshop last weekend. “It’s a tension in your mind. Let it go because it’s really not useful.” He then gave a cue by whacking a […]

Chapter Six: Ghost Trails Ms. Fannon stood still as an anvil, her breath held in, attempting even to keep her hazel eyes in place. She was positioned along the side of Sir Ipswich’s house, wedged in-between the brick wall and a thick cedar hedgerow that ran the entire length of the Victorian mansion. The sound […]

Local musicians collaborate with peers from the U de M Last Thursday and Friday, music students from Mount Allison and Université de Moncton participated in an annual joint performance collaboration. Every year since 2004, the two music departments host an evening performance in their respective recital halls, giving students an opportunity to perform outside of […]

An intellectually limp, ultimately unsatisfying account of Weiner’s self-aggrandizing. I can’t help but feel like I’m not the intended audience for Weiner. This documentary is laser-focused on Anthony Weiner, who is the eye of a complex, sexually charged storm. He’s clearly an important part of the story, but is nothing compared to the swirling winds […]

The wage gap: All of us have likely heard about it and felt appalled. Some of us have heard about it and snorted because we couldn’t possibly believe it is true. Yet, despite what you believe, it is real. This past summer, I experienced it first hand. Without naming the company, I, in 2017, experienced […]

Learning how to empathize with others is a key aspect of studying history The world is in trouble. Corporations strip-mine the environment, gather record profits, and then underpay their workers. Powerful demagogues use dog-whistle rhetoric to divide us along political, racial, and religious lines. Most pervasively, amidst all this violence, uncertainty, and hatred, we feel […]