Is your favourite on here?? 1. Alone in your twin-size bed in residence, listening to girlfriend roleplay ASMR 2. The white floor of the library 3. In your prof’s office while they tell you why you have a 25 per cent average in the course 4.In the fetal position on the floor of one of […]

Complexity and pessimism meet in this year’s faculty show Directed by Shelley Liebembuk and assistant directed by Rebecca Yeo, Saint Joan of the Stockyards is undeniably bold and charismatic, an impressive feat considering the script’s parentage. Written by Bertolt Brecht, one of the 20th century’s most influential playwrights, Saint Joan embodies his esoteric dream of […]

Mount Allison English students reflect on their spooky experiences with studying horror As if the current state of the world isn’t scary enough, horror novels, TV shows and movies are highly sought-after forms of entertainment. Watching a horror flick is a way of getting your adrenaline pumping in the safety of your own home. This […]

From folk to funk, this year’s album has it all Last week, I sat down with several members of Conduct Becoming to discuss their involvement with the society and their upcoming album launch. The society, which started in 2001, works together to create albums each year which are dedicated to the memory of Jason Abraham, […]