untitled I’m in a vase A cold blue vase My vase has varying purposes It can used to contain humanlike emotions The virtues and sins all bouncing off each other However, there is a balance in the chaos. Peace leads to chaos which inevitably leads to balance. Over joyous leads to depression Self-harm leads to […]

Latency Repeat. Repeat. Formed. Repeat. lost in rhythm and vibration, the mind releases for new meaning found within Repeat. Repeat. Formed. Repeat. Mother, tongue. My first approximation first of the knowing. Interactive noise, we share agency. ET takes me home although classically high fives and sharp thirds; point into the night see the birds fly […]

Executive director and Bishop’s professor Dr. Jessica Riddell discusses university collaboration Dr. Jessica Riddell, the executive director of the Maple League, came to Mt. A last Wednesday to host a town hall about the consortium of universities in Eastern Canada. At the event, Riddell explained in depth what the Maple League is, what Mount Allison’s […]

Students and community members come together for annual Shinerama fundraiser This Saturday, Mount Allison participated in the annual Shine Day fundraiser. Mt. A students held car washes, bagged groceries and collected donations across southeast New Brunswick and in Amherst, N.S. Mount Allison has won Best Overall Shine Campaign for the past two years and has […]

Jessica Correa discusses what people can do to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions On Sept. 11, Jessica Correa, the founder of the social enterprise Random Acts of Green, gave a presentation on how every person can make a difference for the environment through small daily acts. The talk was organized by MASU. According to their […]

Students and community members gather for the annual LGBTQ+ celebration “I think we forget, or are never even aware, that Pride has a very violent history,” said Ada Clevinger to the students and community members gathered around the Mount Allison flagpole for Sackville’s fourth annual Pride Parade. Clevinger, the president of campus LGBT2Q+ group Catalyst, […]