Creative Poetry: Seb Colley Sep 19


I’m in a vase

A cold blue vase

My vase has varying purposes

It can used to contain humanlike emotions

The virtues and sins all bouncing off each other

However, there is a balance in the chaos.

Peace leads to chaos which inevitably leads to balance.

Over joyous leads to depression

Self-harm leads to control

Control leads to peace.

It is an everlasting Celtic knot.

It became lonely within my vase

No matter how balanced I was

I prematurely kicked the top out and invited it in

I shed my skin to escape the past

And it became my everything

That easy

Without hesitation.

Eloquent beauty speaks wonders to the soul

It can disguise itself under the notion of love

But it wasn’t love, never was.

The sunlight was irresistible

I left my vase carrying my emotions

Which propelled me from the darkness

Into the warmth of the universe.

My new hearth.

A hearth is a kind place of welcoming

Dubiously, I ventured to its side

It warmed my stiff body

I forgot all about my vase

Yet I still felt my blue core slowly beating

I leaned further into the hearth,

Onto the coals with my bare-feet

It warmed me even quicker than before

Naturally, I sat onto the coals

Elixir coursed through my body

As I euphorically sat in my warmth

I noticed one of the coals went out,

Every so often, another went out

Yet the warmth was still there

Now the coals are all out

There is nothing left

Simply the shell of a shape

That fits back into my vase

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