This week, I was lucky enough to attend the Atlantic regional symposium held by Postsecondary Education Partnership—Alcohol Harms at Dalhousie with Venna Penney, the MASU vice-president of student life. At this conference, student leaders from Mount Allison, Saint Mary’s, Dalhousie, Saint Thomas and Acadia discussed strategies to encourage and utilize various harms-reduction strategies on […]

With October coming to an end and the clouds turning grey, it was time for another trip for the international students. Instead of exploring the likes of Prince Edward Island and Hopewell Rocks, my fellow internationals voyaged to Nova Scotia and into the great city of Halifax. The blistering cold and the winds flooded onto […]

Each person has a different idea of what’s recyclable. People come from different places and different places have different rules about what can and can’t be recycled. For example, in Sackville (part of Westmorland and Albert counties of New Brunswick) waste is sorted differently than in Nova Scotia. In Nova Scotia, glass can be recycled […]

Vision for Mount Allison’s future discussed among faculty, students and staff Last week, Dr. Jean-Paul Boudreau held two strategic roadmap forums where he discussed the future of Mount Allison. The first forum, held in the library, was almost exclusively attended by professors. The second forum, in the Windsor Grand Room, had a larger turnout that […]

Students gain life and work experience through internship programs in New Brunswick Mount Allison students Lisa Hanselmann, Arianna Woodley and Lou Douglas have been nominated for the FutureReadyNB Student Excellence Award, along with fellow student Raven Elwell for the FutureReady Wabanaki Student Excellence Award. FutureReady is a collaborative program that connects students to small business […]

A recap of the regular season and what fans can look forward to during this year’s playoffs The Mounties football team played their final game of the regular season against the Acadia Axemen last Saturday, Oct. 26 in Sackville. Despite a final score that may disappoint Mountie fans – 33-31 for Acadia – the Mounties […]

Students feeling unsafe after man entered apartments in broad daylight On Oct. 22 a group of Mount Allison students reported a break-in at their apartment in the Commons, a block of student-exclusive townhouse apartments on King Street. The break-in took place around 10 a.m. Sarah Gordon, a student who was affected, said in a Facebook […]