First of all, I would like to be more clear about the on-campus resources I had mentioned in the first article. They fall under the Student Affairs umbrella but are physically located in different areas of the Wallace Mccain student centre. One thing that really caught me off guard in first year was just how […]

***CONTENT WARNING : discussion of gender-based violence*** Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada has seen an increase in sexual violence and intimate partner violence. In a time when individuals were asked to self-isolate in tight family units, with many facing intensifying financial and mental health issues, homes became incubators for domestic violence. Among those most at […]

Is it worth it? Recently, Nintendo came out with a package deal that includes three of their most iconic games for the price of $79.99. I am a student (with a student budget), so when I saw the price tag I was taken aback. I didn’t hesitate to make this purchase, but. I am a […]

Celebrating Autumn Moon Festival in Sackville On Thursday, October 1st, a full moon hung over Waterfowl Park. Seemingly unremarkable to most, for me it was Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, a holiday that I usually spend laughing, surrounded by family. Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, although named slightly differently depending on the country, is a festival celebrated by Chinese, […]

The fight for workers and women’s rights in Bangladesh on full display in poignant, beautiful film If you’re anything like me, you likely don’t pay attention to the little tag on the inside of your t-shirts except when you’re not sure how to wash them. Even then, when I see where my shirt or dress […]