An inside look at the MASU elections

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the Mount Allison community has been passing around a sickness, as of late. We can now confirm this fast-spreading disease is known as “Election Fever”! That’s right, it’s that time of year again when we, the students, decide which of those Facebook campaign invites are most worth our time. The MASU elections allow the students to choose their representatives for the upcoming year, and while this isn’t as grand as the Sackville regional elections, it is guaranteed to have a higher student turnout. Therefore it is with the utmost importance that we put in the bare minimum amount of research into deciding who should lead our student union. To get you started, here is an outline of the positions being campaigned for.

First, there is the Students’ Union President, also known as, El Presidente, or “Hey, isn’t that Heather Webster?” The president of the school has the responsibilities of managing the school’s finances, ensuring a safe and thriving educational environment where students can learn and to ensure all aspects of the school are running properly. As for what the MASU president is responsible for- I have no idea. But it probably involves lots of dancing, so choosing a candidate who knows how to “shake it” is especially important.

Secondly, there is the Vice President of Academic Affairs, also known as, The One True Vice President, (don’t be fooled!). This person is in charge of ensuring the best academic environment for all of the students on campus. Their responsibilities include ensuring a somewhat quiet library, arranging classroom sizes so that they are on the verge of being big enough for students and making sure that exam schedules are slightly inconvenient for everyone. Being a little flustered with academics is an exciting part of students’ university experience, and this executive member ensures that it will be lengthy and memorable.

Next up, we have Vice-President of Campus Life, also known as, Your Best Friend. If you’re loving your campus life here at Mt. A, then you have this person to thank, as they ensure that each year is better than the last. The VP of Campus Life is essentially responsible for keeping the campus alive and fresh! This involves mowing the lawns, clearing paths, shoveling, salting and other campus upkeep. Ensuring a bright and beautiful campus is by far no easy task, but as every student has to walk to class, this responsibility is sometimes seen as the most important one at the school.

Finally, there is the Vice-President of External Affairs. This position, well…no one really knows or understands what this person does. After all, “External Affairs” sounds kind of shady doesn’t it? I mean that could be anything. Is this person running the student mafia or importing illegal textbooks or something? Either way, voting for this person may or may not be the most important vote you cast this year. Then again, who really knows!

So there you have it! As a student, you are now fully prepared to make an informed, educated decision for voting in your future executive members. You know virtually nothing about the candidates themselves, but they don’t pay me to do that kind of research, so you’re on your own. If you’re thinking of just taking the easy road by withdrawing from the vote, then don’t worry, the mass emailing system is sure to kindly remind you of your laziness.

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