Sackville’s ‘Monster Mash’

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Sackville is home to some pretty scary creatures, like those two white birds that hang around campus, or that guy who offered to buy you a drink last night at Uncle Larry’s. But if you like to get your thrills from the paranormal, here’s a quick guide to some spooky places around town where you can hang around the undead, or nail the perfect Halloween selfie.

1. The Quarry

The Pickard Quarry first opened in 1883 and was mined for stone blocks which were used in several Mount Allison campus buildings until its closure in 1979. If you decide to walk around, watch out for the family of radioactive beavers who have been living off your party remnants and mining sludge since before YOLO had you convinced that partying next to a dirty pit of water was a good idea.

For best results: If you’re in search of a quarry critter, the best way is to look for a radioactive tree that’s been gnawed in half or save yourself the trouble and just follow that glowing green trail of chemical runoff into the water. YOLO.

2. The Sackville Rural Cemetery

If you find yourself in need of some cool pals to team up with for the skeleton wars, then there’s no better place than the Sackville Rural Cemetery. First opened in 1864, this expansive terrain has plenty of selection for all your apocalyptic needs. Once you’ve found a suitable companion, don’t forget to pay your respects to all those who have gone before you; use the Valencia filter, it’ll really accentuate their cheek bones.

For best results: No. Dogs.

3. Sackville Music Hall

It is rumoured that Oscar Wilde did an impromptu talk at the Music Hall during his 1882 lecture tour. Let’s be honest: if a stylish chap like Wilde was going to pick a place to haunt for all eternity, you can bet it would everyone’s favourite health code violation. The Wood Block was destroyed by fire in 1914 but was re-built the following year; now the concert hall is used to host concerts, gallery shows and theatrical performances. Once inside, be sure to check out the Romanesque Revival architecture, and don’t forget to pick up some asbestos in your treat bag on the way out.

For best results: No one loves Oscar Wilde like Oscar Wilde loves Oscar Wilde. Bring your poetry pals, some candles and a gas mask. Dorian Gray sounds way cooler in Simlish anyway.

4. Hart Hall

Built on top of Allison Hall, a female residence, this seemingly normal campus building is home to the ghost of Ethel Peake, a music teacher and opera aficionado who died there during the 1950s. It’s no surprise that doors opening on their own, creaking footsteps and mysterious singing are just a few things that can heard by those who hang here after dark.

For best results: Bring some costume jewelry and blast “The Magic Flute,” to summon the Hart Hall ghost. The only screams you may hear, though, are from the history department telling you to knock it off because Mozart was overrated.

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