The benefits of a Mt. A winter semester

February has now arrived at Mount Allison.  We find ourselves heading into a time when many students start to feel down and depressed…and believe me, I can relate. This is because, of course, it’s the time of year when we have to plan those dreadful spring break vacations. Just the thought of a warm beach with a turquoise blue ocean and a cold drink in my hand is enough to make me shiver with dread. There is nothing worse than being dragged away from our beautiful campus in its prime season! Now some of you may be thinking that I’m crazy, but I’m here to prove that the winter semester has more benefits than you previously thought.

Let us begin with the superb, lovely Sackville temperatures, ranging anywhere from -10°C to hell freezing over. Sackville’s winter landscape is one of the only places that lets you experience the life of a polar bear in Antarctica without actually going there, and without all the swimming. These extreme cold temperatures are so useful that it’s only a matter of time before NASA approaches us to use our campus for cryonic experiments. On top of this, prolonged exposure to this weather helps develop crucial life skills like gathering hope when there is none and pushing your motivation to its utmost limit. Think of all the blankets you’ll get to buy! Just the thought of it warms my heart.

Another captivating aspect about our winter is the swift Sackville wind, a true tourist favourite. Just when the temperatures are starting to get a little too warm, Sackville treats its students with frequent category one hurricanes. And if you’re lucky enough to be walking in the right direction, you might just shed a few seconds off that morning walk. However, it doesn’t stop there either! These good guy, gale force winds will save you the trouble of layering up, as it will cut through literally anything you’re wearing, proving your efforts to be pointless. If these facts don’t blow your mind, then I don’t know what will!

Don’t forget about the best part of the semester: snowstorms. Surely by now you’re asking yourself, what could possibly be better than walking to class in -35°C with raging winds? Well, how about walking in -35°C with raging winds while simultaneously shoveling the very path you walk on. This is a simple but effective way to get you to class and get in that early-morning, full body workout you’ve been longing to achieve. Jumping over snow banks, falling on ice (a personal favourite) and so much more. Mother nature will test every one of your physical capabilities this February. The town of Sackville supports this idea so much that they do us all a favour and don’t salt the roads! They know the impact of what a strong winter season can do for a student, and for that, I thank them.

So, for all the students who are suffering from the “Winter Blues,” I’m here to remind you that the winter semester is really much better than you think. While you’re planning out those awful vacations, just remember that all the fun you could possibly need is waiting for you just outside your door…assuming that you can get it open!

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