Top 10 Ways to Catch a Leprechaun

  1. Have you ever seen in cartoons when animated people prop a box on a stick and lie in wait? Well, I recommend you try that. If you need bait, use a handful of Lucky Charms.
  2. Dress as a really attractive female leprechaun and act as seductive as possible. They’ll come to you like flies to honey.
  3. Set up a pot of gold and loudly talk about how unprotected it is and how any leprechaun could just come take it from you. Warning: You also may get mugged.
  4. Wait for a rainy day; when a rainbow appears, drive after it to find the end. It’s like a less extreme Storm Chasers episode. 
  5. Travel to Ireland and get REALLY drunk. Suddenly, everyone becomes a leprechaun!
  6. A butterfly net? 
  7. Dig a pit and fill it with spikes, then cover said pit with four-leaf clovers; the food of the wild leprechaun. Be patient, and sure enough a wandering leprechaun will find its way over for a snack. 
  8. Travel to the North Pole, sneak past Santa and kidnap an elf. Dress him up as a leprechaun and create a hostage video. Send it to leprechaun headquarters and, when the SWAT team shows up to retrieve your fake leprechaun, you can catch a real one!
  9. Get invited onto some talk show with a large distribution; Ellen or perhaps Dr. Phil. Talk about how you are an abandoned leprechaun seeking to be reunited with your family. Really milk the story; maybe throw in a few tears. When the leprechauns see you they will immediately seek to retrieve you out of love, and the possibility of a reality TV series. When you are finally “reunited”, you grab them!
  10. The master plan: gather all the things leprechauns love (gold, chocolate, Lucky Charms, alcohol) and place them in a large cage. The mystical creature will be irresistibly drawn to the pile of treasures and as soon as he enters the prison, you slam the door shut! (Make sure to check you’ve caught a leprechaun and not a broke university student before calling the National Enquirer though.)

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