1. Scream. A lot. However, you may want to refrain from screaming in the library. Or in residence. Or at night. Or when you’re alone in the woods. Maybe just scream a little…
  2. Flip a table. (You know you’ve always wanted to…)
  3. Listen to something relaxing: soothing waves of a beach, some classical music, the sound of your homework going through the shredder, or maybe tropical rainforest noises!
  4. I find going for a run helps: run out of class, through campus, to your house and all the way to your bed. Yup, the perfect, de-stressing run.
  5. Watch cat videos. Those things are hilarious. And nothing will make you forget your worries faster than seeing a cat riding on a turtle.
  6. I find that an excellent way to de-stress is to let out your pent-up anger and frustrations. The best way to do that is to play Mario Kart. Nothing will have you swearing like a sailor and releasing negative energy faster than getting hit by a blue shell. Trust me.
  7. A good way to get rid of stress is to punch a pillow. It works particularly well if it’s a thin pillow held in front of the face of someone you’re not very fond of.
  8. Take a nice warm bath. Unless you live in residence with communal washrooms. In that case, I highly recommend NOT using the tub as a de-stresser.
  9. Eat ALL the food. It’s almost New Year’s anyway: you can worry about exercising then.
  10. A little out there, but I’ve heard some people say that actually studying will make it easier to ease exam stress. I know, crazy!

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