~Day 1~

The craziest thing happened today. There I was, reading a book while walking through the academic quad. All of a sudden, BAM. I ran into a chain-link fence. There was a construction worker finishing the fence in front of me. He just looked at me shrugged and walked off…I wonder if this is my buddy Brock’s doing…

~Day 2~

I called Brock and he said that he has no idea what I was talking about. I spent the night in the fence, since I couldn’t find a way out. It was kinda scary, not bad though. Hopefully today I’ll come up with an escape plan. People on the outside of the fence are acting as if I’m invisible. I know I’m not; it’s a chain-link fence. Pretty impressive Brock got the whole school in on the joke. I should have stayed off my phone rather than leaving Brock some pretty mean voicemails. P.S. my phone is dead.

~Day 3~

Honestly, thank God I was coming back from the grocery store when I got trapped in here. I wish it wasn’t Tuesday though…not sure how long I can ration two chicken tenders. Yeah I’m still here, second escape attempt was unsuccessful. Supplies running low. Quality of life is diminishing.

~Day 8~

I’ve found a lot of old art supplies in here. With them, I have become a proficient craftsman of small trinkets. You know, like miniature kitchen supplies or tiny musical instruments. I’ve made a deal with a small boy on campus. He is the only one who notices me. He brings me food in exchange for trinkets. I don’t mind this.

~Day 10~

Just wanted to mention there is a toilet in here. I’m not pooping in a bucket or anything.

~Day 14~

I’ve set up an emergency fire beacon on the roof. A plane could fly over and see it. This could be my way out.

~Day 21~

I’ve memorized the class schedules of almost all of my peers. My favourite time of day is 1:30 on M-W-F when Elizabeth and Carter always act like they don’t notice each other. I’m excited to see what happens with them.

~Day 69~

Natasha has skipped four classes this week! She never does that! I wonder if her and Rachel have talked things through about what happened in front of the library last week. Yikes.

~Day ???~

I’ve lost all concept of time. The only real thing in this world are chain links… THERE ARE 1,800,815 LINKS IN THIS FUCKING FENCE. I BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW THAT.

~Day ????~

There’s a gate in the back of the fence. I’m going to leave this journal here. This has been the most embarrassing period of my life. If anyone finds this, please do not submit it to the Argosy. I have to talk to Brock…

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