I love holiday music. As soon as November 12th strikes, my parents put on the holiday music, and keep it on as late into the New Year as possible. Over the years we have gathered quite the collection of Holiday CDs (94 and counting to be exact). Holiday music just makes me feel warm, cozy, […]

Just before November, Sam Smith and Ariana Grande blessed us with new music. Both Smith and Grande released new albums on October 30, 2020, but despite this seeming too coincidental to be an accident, it turns out that Smith and Grande’s joint album release dates were actually just a coincidence. In a music industry full […]

A project about healing and reconciliation.          Back in 2017, associate professor of music at Mt. A  Dr. Linda Pearse brought together a literary scholar, a historian, a composer and performer of jazz music, a group of early music performers, and Indigenous performers and drummers to make music together. At some point during these rehearsals, […]