Two Argosy alum say yes!

The Argosy is thrilled to announce the engagement of two former staff members, Christina Acton (BMus ‘22) and Hannah Tuck (BA Drama Studies and English ‘21). The couple met as chorus members of Garnet & Gold’s 2018 production of Hello, Dolly! Hannah spent two years working as a writer, and eventually became editor, for Arts and Culture, while Christina spent two years as a reporter for the same section, brought in when their then-girlfriend was editor. They had to endure months of Tuck reminding them that punctuation, particularly the period, exists.    Both were extremely involved in campus life outside of The Argosy. Most notably, they began a radio show on CHMA in January 2021 called Blind Date, which is still on the air today. Hannah now works as a substitute teacher and theatre artist in St. John’s, NL, while Christina completes a Masters of Music in Choral Conducting at Memorial University. They have a cat, Wordsworth, who is only a little evil some of the time.   No official wedding date has been set, and please do not ask, because you will not get an answer, and you certainly will not get an invitation. Congratulations may be sent to the couple on Instagram, @hannah.k.t and @chrispyaction separately, or @blinddatechma together. They would like to thank you in advance for the warm wishes, and look forward to celebrating with friends and family as soon as they are able to pay for an open bar.

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