Developing a meditation practice can have many health benefits Meditation is a practice that has been prevalent in different cultures for thousands of years. As early the 12th century, meditation was used in a religious context. In the modern day, it is commonly used to help with emotional regulation or stress management. Meditation is a […]

The importance of brain-to-body communication Continuing to eat after feeling full, while feeling sad or while multitasking are common eating patterns. These patterns, and many others, can simply be caused by a lack of communication between your mind and your body. Thankfully, there are ways to foster this communication and engage in mindful eating. Psychology […]

Getting the flu is no fun Falling ill during the school year is not a pleasant experience. We don’t always have on hand what we need to take care of ourselves. Fortunately, there are certainly measures that students can take to help strengthen their immune system and to hopefully avoid illness. It is important to […]

Importance of self-care practices Many students get overwhelmed during their university years. Practicing self-care regularly is a simple mechanism that can help in many ways to maintain balance within your mind. There are many healthy habits that students can incorporate into their daily schedule to increase their well-being. Self-care is anything an individual does intentionally […]

Taking the time to move for your mental well-being Exercise is frequently discussed in terms of its physical benefits, but its psychological benefits are often forgotten. Exercise can have psychological benefits, which many people are unaware of, and can have a positive impact one’s overall well-being. When a person exercises, there are both short-term and […]

When weekend fun becomes a day-to-day problem for university students University is a place of new experiences, both academically and socially. Many students starting university have little to no knowledge around alcohol consumption. Most university cultures may influence students to drink but it is important that students, from first year to upper years, be aware […]

The program provides 24/7 mobile support for all students Due to a recent change in counsellors at the Wellness Centre, Mount Allison has introduced a new virtual counselling service for students. Mt. A is partnering with Morneau Shepell, a Canadian human resources and technology company, to introduce the Student Support Program (My SSP). This program […]

Why you’re falling asleep in your morning class Sleep contributes to our overall quality of life. It plays a role in many areas of our daily functioning. Unfortunately, for some people falling asleep and staying asleep can be very hard. Sleep can be disturbed by many factors such as stress, caffeine intake, alcohol consumption and […]