Developing a meditation practice can have many health benefits

Meditation is a practice that has been prevalent in different cultures for thousands of years. As early the 12th century, meditation was used in a religious context. In the modern day, it is commonly used to help with emotional regulation or stress management. Meditation is a quick and effective practice to include in your daily routine.

Meditation is an exercise that is self-directed with the goal of relaxing both your mind and body. There are many forms of meditation, and there is not one that is is considered better than another. A common type of meditation is a loving-kindness meditation, in which the individual takes deep breaths and, as they do so, send positive mental messages to others. Another common type of meditation is called a progressive relaxation or body scan meditation. In this practice, individuals start at one end of their body and progressively tense up one body part at a time and release it. Often, individuals start at their feet and work their way up to their head. This type of mediation can help individuals fall asleep, feel relaxed and free from negative emotions.

There are many online tools that can help individuals practice meditations. Many guided meditations can be found on sites such as YouTube or apps such as Headspace. These can be very helpful for individuals who are not used to meditation or may not be comfortable meditating alone. As someone who practices meditation daily, online tools have helped me a lot in terms of choosing the right type of meditation. I don’t always use them but when I do, they are very helpful.

Meditation has very few boundaries for what it should look like; everyone has their own unique way of meditating. As long as the meditation techniques you use are helpful, your practice is complete.

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