At the beginning of this month Mental Health Intern Hanna Fuzesi hosted an amazing session on Balancing Mental Health. If you missed it, no worries! I will be outlining the main points she made throughout this article. As exam season is right around the corner, maintaining balance and healthy boundaries becomes crucial. Balance is how […]

“Self-Care is kinda BS”- Anna Hardie The other day I watched a youtube video titled “Self-Care is Kinda BS” by one of my favorite Youtubers Arpi Park. To introduce, Arpi Park has a generous following of 265k followers on Youtube and is most well-known for his videos on documenting his experience as a student at […]

This past week I had the pleasure of being part of the Virtual Wellness Fair that took place with several societies and individuals highlighting various topics related to wellness and student life! In case you missed any of the sessions,  thought it would be a great opportunity to give a brief summary of each session! […]

From time immemorial Indigenous groups have fished their ancestral waters and for generations, Indigenous people have watched as commercial industries profit off of the land and resources that their ancestors fought to establish to practice their inherent fishing rights. Over the years, Clearwater, a non-Indigenous global company has been successful in the industry by relying […]

When you thought moving into a new environment couldn’t get more complicated, it did. You caught the res flu. Did you know some viruses can live on surfaces anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days? A residence is a perfect formula for people and areas of opportunity for viruses to thrive. Influenza, […]

Within Indigenous culture, women traditionally have been held in high regard, symbolizing strength, often known as the backbone of the family. Indigenous women are matriarchs within family, and community. They are sacred, life givers, and caretakers with responsibilities for the continuation of culture, resilience and strength to be passed on to future generations. Missing and […]

This week I thought I would debunk some thoughts around self-care. While it may mean different things to different people, the principles remain the same. It differs in dosage, but everyone requires a level of self-care in their daily lives. When pursuing this, consider the following: Self-care is NOT selfish: Putting time and attention towards […]

First of all, I would like to be more clear about the on-campus resources I had mentioned in the first article. They fall under the Student Affairs umbrella but are physically located in different areas of the Wallace Mccain student centre. One thing that really caught me off guard in first year was just how […]

***CONTENT WARNING : discussion of gender-based violence*** Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada has seen an increase in sexual violence and intimate partner violence. In a time when individuals were asked to self-isolate in tight family units, with many facing intensifying financial and mental health issues, homes became incubators for domestic violence. Among those most at […]