Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020 was a big day for Mount Allison students, who saw a collective agreement reached between the University faculty and the University administration. I have to say I was very relieved this disruption only lasted five days. The way this strike was dealt with and the lack of clarity for many students […]

As a new term started at Mount Allison, no one expected strike action to be so severe, despite the tensions brewing. Ongoing discussions between the faculty union and the university administration have failed and the strike has gone ahead. This is not the first time I have seen strike action and from my time seeing […]

With 2020 starting on not so much of a positive note, let me try and lift everyone up and suggest a fantastic idea. That is, to do an exchange abroad! In my honest and biased opinion, my past few months here at Mount Allison cannot be described in just a few words – it has […]

As Halloween had come to a close, The Rocky Horror Picture Show was played at the Vogue. Students and residents from all around Sackville and maybe even New Brunswick all gathered outside on a cold wintery night to watch the 1975 classic. People went to the extent of dressing as the characters of the show […]

With October coming to an end and the clouds turning grey, it was time for another trip for the international students. Instead of exploring the likes of Prince Edward Island and Hopewell Rocks, my fellow internationals voyaged to Nova Scotia and into the great city of Halifax. The blistering cold and the winds flooded onto […]

A few weeks have gone by at Mount Allison and, with fall ending, I want to share my observations of the Sackvillians. Most of the time I see students rushing past me to get to class, all dreary-eyed with darkened pockets under their eyes. Hydro Flasks are all sitting on classroom and library tables. Pens […]

International mentorship program provides opportunities for students to explore the region The sea air had filled the lungs of international and Canadian students. The first trip for the mentorship program started off with flying colours. This program is about pairing up first-year international students with upper-year international students to do fun activities together across the […]