From UK to Mt. A: Observations of Sackvillians

A few weeks have gone by at Mount Allison and, with fall ending, I want to share my observations of the Sackvillians. Most of the time I see students rushing past me to get to class, all dreary-eyed with darkened pockets under their eyes. Hydro Flasks are all sitting on classroom and library tables. Pens scribble and doodle on pages of paper, while others pitter-patter the keyboards of electronic screens. Those are the typical day-to-day activities of Mt. A students. But there are a few things I can’t get my head around.

For instance, garlic fingers. I’m just going to say it, and I don’t care if my readers think, “What the hell is this Brit talking about?” It is just garlic bread! I do not understand what the fuss is about! It’s average garlic bread that I can probably purchase from the Independent. I’m sorry to all of the people in the Maritimes, but I don’t think garlic fingers are that big of a deal. And yes, some food from the United Kingdom is not that great either; we can agree on that.

Also, what is the deal with everyone not liking walking anywhere? Sackville is not that big, but people don’t even want to walk to the McDonald’s opposite Tim’s. You are making it out like it’s a marathon! Someone said to me that it is like the people here have Sackvillitus, the number of times you guys complain about walking anywhere. Although, when winter comes, that opinion will probably change pretty quickly from me.

My British accent is not a big deal. If I had a dollar for every time someone said, “Oh my god I love your accent,” then my student debt would have been paid off in a year rather than never. The accent is not a big deal; however, I like the compliments, so keep it up.

Also, there are more places in England and the United Kingdom than just London. You guys do need to fix up your geography a little bit, but I didn’t know where New Brunswick was so I can’t really talk. Please remember the United Kingdom is a union with four countries in it and that Scotland is not a capital city.

You guys are too nice here. Like, annoyingly nice. However, don’t stop being nice because you guys have made me settle here at Mount Allison quicker than I thought. It’s just – Drivers, you can go past the crosswalk when I’m at least 10 inches from the road. You make me do that awkward fast walk across the crosswalk and get to my class a little early, which might be a good thing, I guess. Another thing, don’t be sorry for anything even if it’s not your fault. You guys apologize so much even when it is my fault.

Apart from that, Mount Allison has taken me by surprise, and it is only the middle of October.

More surprises and memories to come, I hope!

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