We know that having sex with someone after they’ve said “No” is sexual assault. We know that you have to hear an enthusiastic “Yes” before engaging in any type of sexual activity. But what are some situations where a “Yes” really isn’t consent? Let’s think about the acronym FRIES: Freely given, Reversible, Informed, Enthusiastic, Specific. […]

Sexual assault can have a variety of short- and long-term effects on mental health. Many survivors report flashbacks of their assault and feelings of shame, isolation, shock, confusion and guilt. Longer term, some people experience depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. So, what are some resources that are available to survivors of sexual violence, […]

The South East Sexual Assault Centre (SESAC), located in Moncton, is a new local resource for people who have experienced sexual assault. Up until this year, the closest centre of this nature was located in Fredericton, and we are very happy to have one near our university. SESAC works towards three main objectives: providing intervention […]

It doesn’t matter if you experienced sexual violence just last night or a year ago, SHARE is here to help. SHARE is our on-campus sexual violence response and education resource. At Mount Allison, we are lucky to have a dedicated SHARE Advisor, Melody Petlock. Melody has a background in social work and many years of […]

Half of Canadians will need, or will know someone who needs, a blood product at some point in their lives, for a variety of reasons. It’s estimated that one in two Canadians are eligible to donate, but only one in 30 donate regularly. You have an opportunity to help us change that statistic on Tuesday, […]