A New Local Resource Here to Help!

The South East Sexual Assault Centre (SESAC), located in Moncton, is a new local resource for people who have experienced sexual assault. Up until this year, the closest centre of this nature was located in Fredericton, and we are very happy to have one near our university.

SESAC works towards three main objectives: providing intervention services to support and accompany victims and survivors of sexual assault, defending women’s equality rights so that everyone can live in a violence-free society, and educating members of the community on sexual violence prevention.

Genevieve from SESAC is looking forward to visiting Mount Allison in mid-October to introduce their services to the campus. Genevieve is also excited to be working together with programs like SHARE to reduce sexual assault both on our campus and in our province.

A significant program that SESAC offers is a 24-hour crisis line. They can respond to the individual needs of each survivor and offer a confidential, client-centred, trauma-informed approach. SESAC can also provide hospital and police accompaniment, support groups and crisis and long-term counselling, as well as support to families and close friends when needed. They are not affiliated with Mt. A, so if you would like to also report to SHARE on campus after using the services offered by SESAC, that decision is supported and encouraged.

It is important to remember that SHARE also operates a crisis line, which guarantees responses between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. on Thursdays to Saturdays, with responses being as fast as possible at all other times.

For more information visit www.sesacnb.com.

Contact the SESAC crisis line at 1-844-853-0811

Contact the SHARE crisis line at 506-540-7427

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