Student-made podcast shares the science of and coping strategies for stress and burnout  University students are, in the best of circumstances, well-acquainted with stress. The year 2020 was certainly not the best of circumstances, so what better year for a course on stress and coping with burnout? In the fall term, Dr. Lisa Dawn Hamilton, […]

Mt. A alumnus funding the program hopes to encourage “self-awareness and acceptance. The new Sterns LGBTQ2+ Community Engagement Fund, established by Mount Allison alumnus Kevin Sterns (‘67), sees the creation of an internship aimed at providing more inclusive resources and spaces for LGBTQ2+ students. “A Mount A student will be employed as a peer educator, […]

The lambda-calculus builds the functionality of typical languages with only a few (atypical) components. On November 18, the Math and Computer Science Society continued their monthly lecture series over Zoom with a talk from Dr. Geoff Cruttwell, professor in the math and computer science department. Cruttwell spoke on the lambda-calculus, an abstract programming language that […]

Project Green Light aims to educate students on proper waste sorting procedures on campus. Last year, Enactus Mount Allison conducted a survey on students in residence and their waste-sorting habits. The results indicated a serious problem. “Out of about 260 participants in residence, about 60% of students did not know how to sort waste on […]

A new program organized by the Psychology Society hopes to foster connection between first, second, and upper-year students For psychology students interested in meeting other psychology students, learning more about the program, and sharing with and learning from others, Mount Allison’s Psychology Society has introduced a new peer mentorship program: Making Connections. The program will […]

On September 21, 2020, Mount Allison announced a number of new academic programs available to students starting this year. Many of these programs are interdisciplinary, engaging multiple perspectives from diverse fields on a single topic.             Students can now pursue a BA in Women’s and Gender Studies (WGST). “Mount Allison offers an exciting variety of courses […]

Some students are concerned about mental health implications of no reading weeks On September 16, 2020, the university announced changes to the winter calendar, including moving the start date to January 18, 2021 and replacing the February reading week with a two-day break that includes the Family Day statutory holiday. The winter break was also […]