This year, Mt. A welcomes new English professor Dr. Ede. Dr. Ede’s research focuses mainly on African literature and literature in the African diaspora. He chose this area of study due to his own personal connections with it.     Along with studying literature, Dr. Ede also writes. He is a published poet who writes […]

Millennial writer creates captivating “future classic” In my early teens, I spent hours locked up in my bedroom, endlessly reading books and series within days of purchasing them. I was a self-described “Rory Gilmore” who wouldn’t leave my house without a book. As an English student, I spend a lot of time reading but rarely […]

The Hindu Festival of Lights and why it is so important Diwali, a Hindu holiday known as the Festival of Lights, was celebrated on Saturday, November 14. “To me, Diwali is a time when I can come together with my family for this very auspicious celebration and both honour the meaning behind Diwali and take […]

What they are and how to apply. On September 29, the J.E.A Crake Foundation released a call for submissions for their annual internships. These internships allow students to work on interdisciplinary projects typically in fields surrounding the arts. The internships are funded by the J.E.A Crake Foundation. “The Crake Foundation is very clear that they […]

A closer look at classics and history at Mt.A On Friday September 25, the History Society and Classics Society organized an outdoor picnic at Swan Pond for students and faculty in those departments.  I spoke to one of the event organizers Dawson Fraser, a fourth year honours classics student and Vice President of the Classics […]

Is it worth it? Recently, Nintendo came out with a package deal that includes three of their most iconic games for the price of $79.99. I am a student (with a student budget), so when I saw the price tag I was taken aback. I didn’t hesitate to make this purchase, but. I am a […]

On Tuesday, March 10, MASU held their spring election speeches at the Pond. Students were running for arts, social science and science senators as well as valedictorian and Board of Regents representative. Sixth-year student Brandon Blakney, running to be the Board of Regents representative spoke first. “I’m running my campaign based on three specific points […]

Student union responds to call for better first-year representation On Feb. 24, Rohin Minocha-McKenney, the first-year counsellor-at-large, and Kevin Wong, vice president of finance and operations, collaborated to create the first-year caucus, a new MASU committee intended to increase communication and engagement with first-year students. The role of the committee is to review MASU policy […]