A fresh start for Mel’s Tea Room

For months, the space formerly known as Mel’s Tea Room onBridge Street in Sackville has been undergoing transformations. The new owner has been renovating the interior, making significant changes that include removing the diner booths and counter. The recent changes reached the exterior of the location when the “Mel’s” letters above the front window were removed. 

The previous restaurant operators had tried unsuccessfully to sell the business since last summer, when the landlord purchased the building. The new tenant, the owner of Song’s Chopsticks, stepped in August 2023 to open a Korean fried chicken restaurant called Oh! Chicken. 

The transformation of the Mel’s Tea Room space, which started back in early August, changed the look of the restaurant, leaving the new space smaller than before. The green walls have been painted black and lights have been added over a new bar. However, the tile floor has stayed intact and the neon “Mel’s Tea Room,” a sign that has been there for over 70 years, still remains hanging over Bridge Street.

Mel’s Tea Room has a deep history ingrained in the Sackville community. For a long time, it served as a place for gatherings. The closure marked the end of an era, but the memories of the good times spent within its walls live on. Now with the transformation of the location into a new Korean restaurant, it represents a fresh start, creating a new culinary destination for Sackville. 

Oh! Chicken offers a variety of chicken pieces, either boneless or not, which will be marinated, deep-fried, and coated with a range of sauces.

The emergence of Oh! Chicken carries more significance than just a change in the Sackville dining experience. The introduction of a new restaurant not only brings new flavors to the area but also the potential for the revitalization of the local business section. The reimagined space within the Mel’s Tea Room building could serve as a path for other entrepreneurs, inspiring them to invest in the community, thereby bringing new life to the area and hopefully reopening other businesses that have closed, such as The Vogue Cinema. 

As Oh! Chicken takes flight, it symbolizes hope and renewal, not only for the Mel’s Tea Room space but also for the economic growth of Sackville. The Sackville community is eagerly anticipating the future of the new restaurant, Oh! Chicken, a symbol of change while also treasuring the memories of what once was. The air is filled with excitement, not just for the upcoming culinary experience but also for the resurgence of a location that is deeply woven into Sackville’s history. As the town embraces this transformation, it looks forward to the possibilities ahead, yet the memory of Mel’s Tea Room remains part of its identity, serving as a reminder of cherished moments and shared stories that will forever hold a special place in the heart of the community.

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