A profile on what’s new at Cranewood on Main

A local favourite, Cranewood on Main has long been supplying Mt. A students, staff, and Sackville locals with yummy treats and drinks as well as being a soothing place to study and catch up with friends. Cranewood’s baker and manager, Malcolm Campbell, says that there are a lot of new treats to try at his café.

First up on the roster of the new and noteworthy: hand pies! These savoury, house-made, single-serving pies were discontinued at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and are coming back for the first time since the café re-opened. Cranewood offers four different kinds of hand pies, including a breakfast option called “The Jonathan Nichols.” Kept warm behind the counter, these hand pies are perfect for on-the-go meals or snacks or to take home for yourself and your friends.

A list of classic autumn-inspired drinks, like a pumpkin spice latte, hot apple cider, and hot chocolate, are also available now. Be sure to take advantage of these seasonal treats while they’re still offered!

Finally, the culinary experiences with Chef Kim Martin, where Martin collaborates with “Cranewood’s experience and attention to detail” to create special menus for “Cranewood at Night,” are quite the hit. Reservations for Martin’s evening dining experiences are available online at www.cranewoodonmain.com.

The customer response to Cranewood’s newest additions have been, unsurprisingly, positive. Campbell also noted that in the next couple of weeks Cranewood will be renovating their ordering counter, perhaps with a return to a pre-COVID-19 set-up students and locals alike will be more familiar with.

There are lots of exciting fall goodies available at Cranewood, but fair warning, they sell out quickly. Be sure to check out what’s new at Cranewood on Main during this beautiful Sackville fall.

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