About AMAs Kitchen: The reason for its creation

Food is one of the common denominators that’s been present when thinking about spontaneous conversations I’ve had with strangers. The person next to you can easily and so readily describe their favourite burger place and what made them fall in love with it.


Perhaps it’s how I was raised that makes eating and preparing a meal feel like a celebration of life and the love we share for others, or the fact that it can differ greatly from comforting home-cooked meals to exotic dishes. Or maybe it’s just simply the warmth I feel within me when I cook for loved ones and the joy I get when I see them smile at something I created, staring at them like a lost puppy waiting for them to tell me how good it tastes. That’s the same warmth that made Adeola and I start AMAs Kitchen. 

I hope you feel that same warmth when you eat our food because it was made with nothing but love and a shared joy of creating and distributing tasty dishes.

So please get off this paper and go on Instagram to follow us @amas.kitchen1 and place an order. Have a bite and I promise you’d want to stay with us forever.

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