Council mandates web update

Frosh week photos have been uploaded, MASU’s website has been updated with current staff and officials and the organization’s calendar of events has been filled out, after a unanimous vote by council in favour of mandating Ryan Harley, the vice-president of communications, to fulfill these three sections of his job description by Feb. 23.

The motion stated that the website had many outstanding event pictures as far back as orientation, outdated sections on councillors, staff and ombudsperson, and an upcoming events calendar that was not being maintained.

The vice-president’s job description includes maintaining “efficient and consistent means of communicating MASU information to the Mount Allison community, including, but not limited to, through the use of social media, print media, broadcast media and the MASU website.”

“Personally, I have put more time and energy into things that I think better sell our value,” Harley said. Harley listed tasks such as re-organization of the website and writing press releases.

“We are going to have a brand-new events calendar next week,” Harley said on March 10. Contact pages for staff and councillors have also been updated since the motion.

“There were a lot of people complaining about orientation pictures to begin with,” said Ryan Lebreton, an off-campus councillor on MASU. “Usually after big events, pictures are posted really soon.”

Harley cited a lack of staff members, including a staff photographer, to explain the delay.

“A lot of those things ended up on the back burner because we haven’t had a photographer,” said Harley.

Lebreton recognized that Harley’s lack of staff members contributed to a delay in having the pictures uploaded, but said adequate communication staff was hired in January.

The communications office uploaded the Fall 2014 orientation pictures on Feb. 19 following the Feb. 9 vote.

“The purpose [of the motion] was to get [Harley] to start doing what had been missing,” Lebreton said. “I won’t be making another motion.”

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