Editor’s Note

Happy Volume 150 of the Argosy! We are back for another (especially unique) school year. Much has changed, but your trusted independent student newspaper will continue to publish biweekly, in print, and weekly online.

Because of the pandemic and the subsequent physical changes on campus, we recognize that it may be more difficult to access the Argosy in print. However, you will still be able to pick up a copy throughout campus buildings, including the Student Centre, Jennings, and in academic buildings. 

In previous years, the Argosy has been available in cafés downtown where much of our valued readership from the Sackville community picked up that week’s paper. We are sad to know that people are less likely to sit and read a paper over a cup of coffee given current circumstances. To address this, we are establishing a newsstand outside of the Sackville Public Library (not there yet- it’s on it’s way!). If you are a local at-risk individual, we are also happy to work with you and add your doorstep to our biweekly delivery route.  

And that brings us to the updates on fun stuff. This year we will be adding a Sackville section and a science section to the News pages. The Sackville section will update readers on local politics, news, and events in town. The science will cover environment, medicine, and innovation relevant to the community. In the humour section, you will find weekly topical cartoons by our new on-staff cartoonist. And last but not least- some things never change- we want to feature you! Send us your art, your stories, your opinions, and your jokes! We love hearing from you and spreading your work throughout the community.

This year especially, we hope the paper can be a place where you can turn to for accurate and critical information on the world around you. We also hope the paper can be a place for you to stay connected to the Mount Allison and broader Sackville community through humour, art, and shared information. Please stay in touch, stay engaged, and be well.


All the best,


Amelia MacDougall Fleming



P.S. Rest assured, we have updated our in-house style guide and have banned the word “unprecedented” from appearing in our paper.

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