Election results

The Mount Allison Students’ Union Fall election and by-election has come up with four Student’s Administrative Council councillors. The elected are all first-year students, with two residing in the North Side residences and two residing in South Side residences.

Daniel Murphy was elected to the position of first year representative. Murphy is from Huntsville, Ontario, lives in Edwards House, and is pursing an Honours degree in Biology.

Dylan Wooley-Berry was also elected first year representative. Wooley-Berry is a Sackville native. He lives in Harper Hall, and is pursuing a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.

Liam St Louis was acclaimed South Side councillor. As no other candidates stood for the position, St Louis had to clear a yes or no vote by South Side residents. He is from Vancouver, British Colombia, lives in Hunton House, and is pursuing an Honours degree in International Relations and a minor in Economics.

Ryan MacRae was elected North Side Representative. MacRae is from Stratford, Prince Edward Island. He lives in Harper Hall, and is pursuing a Sciences degree.

Both of the geographically-based council positions were left open last year due to a lack of interest. The September elections, planned to only elect two first year councillors, were expanded to accommodate electing two more candidates.

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