Experience Mt. A: Career and development

Experience Mt. A is a browsable catalog that has opportunities for experiential learning at Mount Allison. Experience Mt. A helps to advertise these opportunities to potential students to increase recruitment and retention. Opportunities exist both within and outside of the Maritimes.                   

Experience Mt. A takes many steps to make sure students are prepared for the workforce. The Experience Mt. A team is working hard to assist students with resume evaluations and interview preparation. Some initiatives that Mt. A provides that aid students while they are enrolled in classes at Mount Allison University include the Elevate program and Future New Brunswickers. Workshops in the latter program include guest lecturers and one-on-one support. Future New Brunswickers was created for students from other countries who are looking for work experience. The program is held every fall, and for the international students who participate, it creates internship opportunities over the winter.

Experience Mt. A offers one-on-one career advice and assistance with creating and updating resumes, interviewing, and applying to graduate schools. Keep in touch with the platform to have access to resources that can help you transition from your academic goals to a rewarding future.

Through the Design Your Own Internship program, students’ pay is funded if they are qualified and returning students. Pushkaraj Amarinsha Jadhav had the opportunity to participate in the internship twice, both in 2021 and 2022. In 2021, Jadhav created an Indian food delivery business with the Reisman Internship, provided by the Experiential Learning and Career Opportunity department at Mt. A. This program helped him build a brand identity for a business and develop his customer care services. In working with his team, he learned the importance of having a team and of running a business.

He acquired sufficient experience in 2021 to progress even further during his internship in 2022. This time, he established Sip, a company that sold beverages in downtown Sackville and was founded by a group of 12 students. Through this internship, he was able to gain knowledge in a wide range of areas, including company development, marketing, inventory management, finance, and strategy.

The Experiential Learning and Career Development (ELCD) is the office that works on the Experience Mt. A website development. The website is well-designed and simple for students to use. It keeps track of activities that students complete, how many jobs students apply for, and application deadlines. Weekly job postings are issued from different places across Canada and are in various domains. Summer and post-graduation employment are both included in the job listings.

The Experiential Catalogue is working on a new platform to help organize data so that students may have a formal record to submit to any organization when looking for a career after graduation. This serves to support their resume and demonstrate some authenticity because it comes from the school. One thing to keep in mind is that only those who run the website can access the data that students and alumni have on the platform. The new platform’s major objective is to assist in tracking data on current students and recent graduates, such as enrollment in co-curricular Mt. A activities and experiential learning opportunities.

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