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From the Archives brings you old news today. As time passes, the news we report on changes, as does the way we report on it. Conversely, we’ve been covering some of the same issues since 1872. Today students are taking in the new Pond. In 1989, the Pub was the place to drink on campus, and with recent changes the modern Pond looks more like the old Pub than ever before.

Thurs. Feb. 9, 1989: vol. 118, issue 15. Written by former reporter Lynne Thibault.

Imagine this … The Pub on a Saturday night. I know it doesn’t seem exciting, a bar full of empty tables with ten people crowded around the pool table. However, that is only if it is a usual Saturday night. If you didn’t stop by the Pub on Feb.4 you missed something. Something called Javici.

Javici is a jazz band comprised of four Mt. Allison students; Vince Schillaci Ventura on piano, Craig Potier on trumpet, Jon Saudner on drums and Katrina Bishop as lead vocalist. They first appeared on Amateur night at the Pub, taking second place. But on this evening they had top billing, playing to an appreciative audience. The pub was full. As the bartender said: ‘It was a different crowd. They tipped well and really seemed to be enjoying the music. They were really relaxed and didn’t cause any problems. I enjoyed myself.’

Presumably Katrina Bishop.

Perhaps the mood was set by the music. The band played three forty-five minute sets. Their opening number ‘Stormy Weather’ was a crowd pleaser. Katrina Bishop has a voice that deserves to be heard. She also has a wonderful stage presence. But each member of the band had their own shining moment. The audience loved the drum solo and cheered appreciatively. As the evening wore on, and they became more relaxed, Craig’s trumpet solos were superb. The band played a few numbers without vocals, a favorite being ‘Straight, No Chaser’. However, when Katrina sang ‘All of Me, Why Not Take All of Me’, I’m sure there were more than a few male members of the audience who were ready, willing and able. They closed the show with ‘Georgia’. However, the audience wasn’t content to let the show stop there. Cries of encore could be heard. With satisfied smiles, the band obliged and played two more numbers.

Hopefully, there will be a repeat performance. If there is be there early, the word is out. Javici means a good time and good music.

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