Here, There & Everywhere Sackville celebrates Culture Days

Every year, hundreds of Canadian cities from coast-to-coast participate in Culture Days, an event aimed at raising awareness of arts and culture across Canada.
Culture Days took place around different Canadian cities and towns, for one hour in each location. With the help from many Mount Allison students, Sackville celebrated from 1 to 2 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 25.
Culture Days was founded in 2009 as a non-profit organization with the purpose of raising “awareness, accessibility, participation, and engagement” around local culture. The organization attempts to bring residents of cities and towns together to develop cultural connections.
A third-year arts and culture marketing class taught by Dr. Rosemary Polegato took the lead on the project, organizing small venues around downtown Sackville for the community to enjoy free of charge.
“I think because of where we are with Mt. A and where we are on the east [coast], we’re at a meeting point of a lot of arts and culture, not only from the local area but also thanks to the university. There’s a culture from all over,” said Sam Bliss, one of the students involved with putting together Friday’s activities.
Fourth-grade students from Salem Elementary School serenaded onlookers at the Bill Johnstone Memorial Park as Dawn Boorne led willing participants in yoga. New to teaching yoga, Boorne said she was impressed with the strength of Sackville’s community and the number of activies taking place around town so frequently.
Other events throughout the day included MASSIE students offering origami lessons as well as Mt. A student Xi Luo drawing portraits in Bill Johnstone Memorial Park. First-year student Chloe Lawson also participated, playing the flute in front of Canada Post.
In front of the Independent, “Sackville presents: the Improv” entertained passersby with on-the-spot skits and were among the many activities beloved by the crowds of Sackville’s youngest citizens. Groups of school-aged children ran from arts-and-crafts stations to station, enjoying tables set up with temporary tattoos and Dutch children’s games.
Morph suits made an appearance on three marketing students labeled “Here,” “There,” and “Everywhere,” referencing the theme of Mt. A’s Culture Days. “I feel like a kid again,” said third-year student Anthony Maddalena, experimenting with clay and paper while leading the station in front of Joe and the Crow.
Participants mentioned the vibrancy of Sackville’s community and the evidently strong presence of art and music, as well as the importance of appreciating this aspect of our culture.
“Culture, to me, is getting people together,” said Sean Bourque, a local young artist, while sharing his love of art in front of Jean Coutu. “It’s really something that everyone has been a part of.”

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