Intramural Registration Deadline Approaches

Students excited for higher soccer team turnout, with 16 so far.

On October 17, Mount Allison University’s intramural registration for the coming year will begin. Although there are more teams and players participating in the soccer intramurals this year than in previous years, posters and advertisements have been put up. The weekend before the intramurals, October 15, is the cut-off date for team registration, and each team must include a minimum of eleven men and three women to be eligible to participate. There are two fields where intramural competitions are held: the Alumni field and the park field.

There have been 16 teams registered: Afrik 9ja, Biggie FC, Campbell Hall 2, Campbell Hall Geckos, Fc Beercelona, G.O.A.T. Of Bennett, Goal Diggers, Hunton Panthers, I’d Hit That, Megan Thee Stallions, Psychedelic United, Small Residence Lions, Team Harper Revival, Thighs Of Thunder, Victory’s Secret, and Windsor Warriors.

Last year was one of the best intramural seasons the school has ever had. They had excellent coordination. Referees were provided by the school, and they were always on time for the games. Additionally, every game had scheduled players’ ratings, the highest goals scored, the most assists, and clean hits all recorded. Mount Allison University gave champion T-shirts to the winners, Inter-Real Hustlers. This year, they had to split up into two teams; Alula now captains Victory’s Secret and Olisaemeka leads Afrik 9ja. The fans who saw these teams compete had a great time thanks to the teams’ excellent performance. They were an entertaining group of players ready to show off their soccer skills.

Jackson Sperroe explained his experiences in last year’s intramurals as well as how he recovered from the injuries he sustained. For Sperroe, intramurals was a good suggestion, as it helped him improve in many ways, as a person and as an athlete. Playing in a team gave him a better understanding and experience of teamwork and how everyone, despite their skill levels, can contribute to a performance. Being a captain of a team helped him build leadership skills and be a good example to people that he is expected to lead. He said that “[he] got to meet and connect with new people, hence making friends with people in different teams.” One suggestion he made was to schedule training sessions for intramural teams before their games so they would be better prepared. This year, Sperroe expects greater involvement from students than last year, with the hope that more people are now aware of the benefits that accompany playing intramural sports.

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