This Week at MASU council

Moving Forward After MASU Resignations

Following the resignation of the vice-president external affairs and finance and operations, the Mount Allison Students’ Union (MASU) has decided to leave both positions vacant. The remaining executive will divide the responsibilities amongst themselves.

Aviation Program Concerns Being Addressed

In the past few years, Mt. A’s aviation program has grown significantly. Unfortunately, as a result of the increase in enrollment, many now face the difficulty in obtaining the required flying hours for graduation within four years. VP Academic Affairs Mary Emma MacNeil met with the Registrar’s Office and has scheduled a meeting with aviation Program Director Bob Rosebrugh to address aviation students’ concerns.

Anthropology Program entry Suspension

Following the suspension of entry into the anthropology program, VP Academic Affairs Mary Emma Macneil wrote in a facebook message to the Argosy that “the MASU supports students and their request for a concrete plan for the department moving forward.” Macneil sits on the Senate planning committee, which will discuss the future of the anthropology program. She wrote that her role is to “ensure that the student body’s perspective is not neglected during conversations at the committee level.”

Hiring Process Revision

Appointment Chair Cydney Kane has been revising the MASU hiring process. Kane has proposed to move more of the hiring process from the winter semester to the fall semester. Kane hopes this will reduce the need for unplanned spring hiring, which in the past has conflicted with spring elections and exams.

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