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Member of Responsible Investment sub-committee lists recommendations to the Board

The Responsible Investment sub-committee struck last year is a sub-committee of the Nominating and Governance committee, which in turn reports to the Board of Regents. Its mandate was to look into responsible investment at Mount Allison. Faculty representative of the sub-committee Bruce Robertson presented to MASU council, listing and discussing the sub-committee’s recommendations, of which there are six. These recommendations will go to the Nominating and Governance committee, and if they are approved, to the Board. The recommendation most discussed by council was the creation of a fund that has limited exposure to certain sectors, such as gas or oil. If you would like to see a full listing of these recommendations or comment on them, contact Ryan LeBreton or Willa McCaffrey-Noviss, student representatives to the Board.

MASU strategic plan

Last spring the MASU began the process of creating a strategic plan for the years 2017 to 2020. This document lists the MASU’s broad development goals for the next three years. These goals include sustainability, diversity and representation, to enhance the student experience, and more. The MASU is also seeking to increase student involvement in their decision-making processes, so they are aiming to create a more inclusive environment for students to participate in their work.

Clubs and societies training program

The incoming vice-president of student life will implement a new clubs and societies training program. This will include liability and event training as well as finance and budgeting training. Clubs and societies will only be able to access their MASU funding once they attend a training session.

Orientation committee

Orientation Committee roles have been more specifically defined for the next academic year. There will be 24 “White Shirts” and four will occupy each of the following positions: event planning; health and wellness; spirit representatives; education on sexual health; mental health; diversity and more; logistics and concurrent orientation (Meighen Centre, International Centre, resident executives and assistants, etc.). There will also be 80 “Yellow Shirts.” The clear defining of “White Shirt” roles is an attempt to reduce the nepotism that has been in the hiring process in the past.

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  1. It was George Orwell that famously said “In times of universal deceit telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” This summer read Animal Farm and 1984 and prepare yourself for a very anti-white future at MTA.

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