This Week at MASU council

Election results

Following the Mount Allison Students’ Union (MASU)’s first round of fall elections, the first-year councillor for the 2016-17 academic year is Philip Carolin and the two new councillors-at-large are Emilie Gatchell and Kaye Klapman. The MASU will hold another election to fill the three councillor positions that remain vacant. Candidates will be campaigning for this upcoming election from Sept. 29 to Oct. 5 and voting will be open from Oct. 6 to Oct. 7.

Housing fair moved to Oct. 19

Signing leases in September and early October has long been the norm in Sackville. The MASU’s External Affairs committee has been advocating for a change in the bylaws so that lease signing occurs later in the school year. The town of Sackville has not approved such a change. To give students more time to decide on off-campus housing, the MASU has moved the housing fair to Oct. 19.

Changes to residence drinking policy

For many years, Mt. A residences have served alcohol to underage students at residence parties in the form of drinking tickets. This year, MASU’s Student Life committee changed its policy so that residences will no longer be able to sell drinking tickets to anyone under the age of 19. Students who are 18 or younger can still attend residence parties, but with non-drinking tickets only.

Residence life code of conduct revised

Monetary fines for rule violations in residences have been replaced by a points system this year. Although there will be consequences for students who accumulate points, including don intervention, residence assistants will no longer be able to give out fines to students who break the rules.

Rebooting condom service

The MASU’s Student Life committee will be revamping the condom service. They will begin this process by gathering feedback from students on how to improve its distribution services.

Extended Library Hours Update

Funding for the Ralph Pickard Bell Library’s extended hours comes from the MASU, since Mt. A has refused to fund these hours so far. The MASU’s Academic Affairs committee has submitted another funding proposal to the university to take over financing the library’s extended hours.

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