Town council resignations

In the coming new year of 2014, the Town of Sackville expects a period of understaffing within its director level positions, following the dual resignations of George Woodburn and Rebekah Cant.

Cant and Woodburn both have served within the local government for well over a decade and will be leaving service as the directors of tourism, and engineering and public works, respectively. The departure of the two individuals will mean that the town has a total of four directorial positions open, as Cant has also been the acting as director of community development and programming, with the position of economic development director already vacant prior to this news.

Woodburn has stated that he will be completing his tenure with the town due to retirement, as Cant has made her decision based on personal reasons.

Speaking to the Sackville Tribune-Post, Phil Handrahan noted that Woodburn’s position is already being advertised, while Cant’s positions are going to undergo a quick review to scope out potential modification, and will likely begin to be advertised in early December.

When contacted, Ron Kelly-Spurles, Sackville’s tourism manager noted that “all of the necessary steps are being taken to ensure a smooth transition,” adding that all of the staff are in preparation for the expected vacancies.

“George and Rebekah will be greatly missed, but the town is very confident that they will be able to continue the same level of service to residents,” Kelly-Spurles said.

While the Town of Sackville is acting quickly to ensure a smooth transition, the economic development department will be experiencing a large cut in funding, as stated in the Nov. 13 council meeting, and has remained without a director for what has been over a year. Funding is expected to remain consistent for other elements of the government.

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