Two friends start their own business

Sackville is continuing to add a variety of restaurants to town. Sharing meals with the community is a good way to share and promote different traditions and cultures. 

A new restaurant that recently opened in Sackville is Ama’s Kitchen. It was created by two friends, Sobechi Cornella Madueke and Adeola Harmony Adebayo, who are both in third-year taking computer science. Madueke is Igbo and Adebayo is Yoruba, and, Madueke went ahead to indicate, “let me tell you, those Yorubas love their spice!” But don’t worry, Madueke taught Adebayo that not everyone can handle the heat as she can. “Ama’s Kitchen found the perfect balance between flavour and spice, and their food is so delicious, it’ll have you doing a happy dance,” said Adebayo.  “(Don’t worry, we won’t judge if your dance moves are a little questionable).” Although Adebayo is a fan of the spice, “we won’t set your taste buds on fire (unless that’s your thing, then we can make an exception).”

Ama’s Kitchen was created when the two co-owners tried to decide who cooked the best jollof rice. Madueke thought she could make better jollof rice than anyone else in the dorm. She needed that comfort to feel at home: “when you’re living away from home, sometimes you just need a taste of familiar comfort food to keep you going,” she said. She made jollof rice for Adebayo and Devine Levine Kpai, a third-year student studying fine art, on a Sunday afternoon, and the rest is history. Now, they spread the joy of homemade Nigerian cuisine to everyone who wants a taste of home away from home, as well as to non-Nigerians who are intrigued and want to stimulate their taste buds. They wanted to bring a piece of Nigeria to their new home in Sackville, and that is exactly what they are doing with Ama’s Kitchen.

“Ama’s Kitchen is not trying to become the next fast-food chain or anything, but Ama’s Kitchen  has big dreams for our little kitchen,” said the co-owners.

This restaurant operates on weekends only, based on orders they receive. Customers can message them and customize their own meals.  They also have special deals from time to time that are announced through social media. To place an order or keep up-to-date with the business, follow Ama’s Kitchen on Instagram at @amas.kitchen1 or text (506) 232-9737 or (506) 232-9604.

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