Bioshock: Infinite Review

Finally get my hands on the game being dubbed “Game of The Year”

Irrational Games has struck again with the third instalment in the BioShock series. This game was released on March 26, and has become an instant hit among gamers around the world. Although this game is not part of the storyline from the previous titles, it keeps its core mechanics, with similar concepts and themes. Personally, I think it is the best game in the series, which is saying a lot about the game. Irrational Games has created this American utopia that I feel is very reminiscent of where we as a country stand today. The gameplay is top notch, and the shooting is fresh creating multiple ways you can approach each encounter that all feel unique and fun in their own regard. What really sets this game apart though, is the storyline. It is the absolute polish of the story, solid gun play, and atmosphere like no other game that makes it such a pleasure.

Set in 1912 during the growth of the American exceptionalism, the game’s protagonist Booker DeWitt is sent to the floating air-city of Columbia to find a young woman, Elizabeth, who has been held captive there for the last twelve years. Though Booker rescues Elizabeth (this is the first level, so no it’s not a spoiler), the two are pursued by the city’s factions: the nativist and elite Founders that strive to keep the city for pure Americans. Unlike the limited spaces of the underwater city of Rapture in previous titles, the open-air city of Columbia provides for more combat challenges, and the game has a special feature called the “1999 Mode”. Similar to Black Ops 2 campaign, the decisions made by the player will have a more permanent impact on the game, possibly leading the player to an unwinnable situation, and could require a restart from an earlier saved game.

After five years of development the characters are near perfection. The key to this story is Elizabeth and how everything is tied back into the story.  She is intelligent and artistic, having spent the majority of her life studying while gaining some practical skills such as cryptography. She also has the ability to perceive and interact with the dimensional tears across Columbia. She really helps keep Booker alive throughout the story, by bringing supplies as the game goes along, and even helps you when you are in mortal peril. Also, what disappointed many fans from the previous titles was the ending of the game, but Infinite has one of the best endings I have ever experienced, as the story is very complex, and it gives you a similar feel to those who have watched “Inception” and had trouble figuring out the ending of it.

Overall, this is a must buy, and gets an easy 10/10 score.

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