Video Game Review: Tomb Raider

The 500 title developed by Crystal Dynamics has been met with universal praise, so it was no surprise that I had to find out if the hype is true!

Action-Adventure games have really been stepping out as a leading gametype this year as Tomb Raider is another excellent game that keeps you captivated.The game starts out with Lara setting out aboard a ship called Endurance to locate the lost Japanese kingdom of Yamatai. After ending up in Dragon’s Triangle (exactly the same as Bermuda Triangle), the boat splits in two, stranding everyone on an isolated island. Similar to Far Cry 3, Lara is now lost and by herself, and is trying to locate her friends while continuing to find the missing kingdom. When it comes to Lara Croft games the expectation is usually a game full of isolation and discovery, and naturally this game does not disappoint. Although it is similar to both Far Cry 3 and the Uncharted series – both are excellent games – this game takes you on an exciting new adventure. It seemed as though I was watching an amazing movie as I played, you experience Lara fighting for survival, suffering through punishment to turn into a confident survivor. Extremely enjoyable graphics ran parallel with the island in the game, with a mix of temples and shrines, World War II bunkers, and broken down planes, the sights bring this game to life.

A key feature of the game is that the enemies were challenging when you were spotted. When behind cover, they tend to throw in grenades to keep you moving so you don’t end up camping throughout the entire battle. I also quite enjoyed the savage animations the game would come up with when Lara would defeat an enemy that would come too close to you. As great as the combat scenes were in the game, I actually enjoyed the quitter/puzzle moments in the game. Climbing up walls, determining paths, and trick jumping, with the simple controls and the great environment, was the key to the successful adventure. The puzzles in the game are challenging enough to make you think for a bit, but don’t drag down the adventure and pace of the game.

The multiplayer in this game, to put it lightly, is unremarkable. If you are planning on trying out this game, do not get it for the multiplayer as I found it extremely weak, and clearly a waste of time, as the campaign provides most of the enjoyment of the game. This game is not re-writing the books on third-person action-adventure games, but with its amazing controls, engaging heroine, thrilling combat and exhilarating setting, this game definitely deserves an 8.5/10.


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