The University will host the prestigious youth program for a month this upcoming summer On Oct. 24 Mount Allison announced that it will host the youth summer program, SHAD, in July 2018. The program brings together high-achieving high school students from around the world to Canadian university campuses for a month-long program of STEAM (science, […]

Politics professor and former student’s work gets picked up by U.S. right-wing media When Prof. Dave Thomas and former Mount Allison student Zoe Luba published their article in the Canadian Journal of Development Studies, they did not expect a large reaction. On Sept. 25, their article, White Fragility and the White Student Abroad: Using Critical […]

International students eligible for provincial medicare On Oct. 6, the province of New Brunswick announced that post-secondary international students now have access to provincial medicare coverage. Before the changes, international students at Mt. A were required to purchase the $650 International Student Medical Coverage from the MASU. Provincial medicare means the international students can save […]

MASU election brings in three new councillors, three positions remain open for applications On Oct. 2 the student body elected three new councillors to the Mount Allison Student Union (MASU). Olivia Bizimungu was named first-year councillor and Laren Bedgood and Aminah Simmons were elected as councillors-at-large. Voter turnout was reported to be normal, however, half […]

Facilities management report Gairdner and Barclay construction to be completed by 2018 If you have been on campus, you have probably seen and heard the renovations taking place. The Barclay and Gairdner buildings have been undergoing renovations since June 2017 to update their infrastructure and improve accessibility. The goal of the renovations is to improve […]

Entry into the program is suspended as the University contemplates the program’s future The future of anthropology at Mount Allison is currently in question. Program enrolment has been suspended and the University is not offering first-year anthropology courses. Upper-year courses are still being offered and all second-, third- and fourth- year students will be able […]

When Naoko Ando, owner of the local used bookstore Rags of Time, announced on Facebook that she was looking for a new owner, she didn’t expect to receive a huge response. “I was quite surprised. The post was shared 220 times,” Ando said. The post exceeded 36,000 views and quickly found a new owner. Rags […]

Campus bar changes direction from a dance club to a cozy pub This past summer, Mount Allison’s campus bar, the Pond, went through some major changes. Students may remember the Pond for its murals, sticky floors and poor lighting, but the Pond has an updated rustic pub look with brand new tables, booths, a pool […]

In contrast to a world that feels mired in chaos and pessimism, Tintamarre’s latest production Refuge confronts topical issues with authenticity and hope. The group takes on a variety of local and global problems in their production, including the world migration crisis, land erosion, and struggling rural communities. In the shrinking village of Port-a-Petit, the […]