Three down, three to go for MASU elections

MASU election brings in three new councillors, three positions remain open for applications

On Oct. 2 the student body elected three new councillors to the Mount Allison Student Union (MASU). Olivia Bizimungu was named first-year councillor and Laren Bedgood and Aminah Simmons were elected as councillors-at-large. Voter turnout was reported to be normal, however, half the councillor positions remain open. The Argosy spoke with the new councillors about their visions for the coming year.

Bizimungu, a first-year student studying a bachelor of science, wanted to make an impact on student lives. “I really wanted to get involved here at Mt. A, and I had done a lot of different committees and organizations in high school,” she said. Bizimungu is passionate about inclusion: she is the diversity representative for Campbell Hall and a member of the Black Students’ Union.

Councillor-at-large, Bedgood, hopes to strengthen the connection between off-campus students and the MASU. “There’s a bit of disconnect between off campus students and the MASU. They seem to only serve students who live on campus,” said Bedgood. “We need to get more upper-year students in the councillor positions. There are still three open.”

Bedgood is also concerned about accessibility on campus. Her interest was sparked after being temporarily unable to use her arm after surgery earlier this semester. She found that many of the automatic door buttons did not work on campus.

Aminah Simmons, councillor-at-large and Thornton House social chair, wants students to know that the MASU is a good way to get involved in their school community. “You become a part of a team that helps find solutions for bettering our campus. You get to be a part of something that benefits us all,” said Simmons.

“When I have an issue with something I like to find solutions, not just complain about it. Sitting on council not only allows me to be a part of a team that helps find solutions for issues that I may face, but issues my friends and classmates face as well,” said Simmons.

When asked about why there are councillor vacancies, MASU president, Sara Camus said: “Mount Allison has a very involved campus; most students are very involved with clubs and/or societies on top of their studies. Being a MASU councillor is a sizeable amount of work, as there are weekly/biweekly council and committee meetings.” She encouraged anyone interested in student government to run for the remaining positions.

Both Bizimungu and Bedgood mentioned that they were surprised at the low voter turnout for the election. However, the turnout was average for Mt. A at 25.64%.

There remain many ways to participate in the student union this year, either as a councillor-at-large, a yearbook editor or an operations committee member.

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