The Mount Allison Performing Arts Series welcomes accomplished Rolston String Quartet to Brunton Auditorium. Praised for their maturity and cohesion by Ludwig van Toronto, the Rolston String Quartet is said to rival some of the best string quartets in the world. This group took to the stage in Brunton Auditorium on Friday night for a […]

Composition student Joseph Fitzner challenges the pressure to perform in the department of music When you walk into the Marjorie Young Bell Conservatory of Music, the sounds of students hard at work in practice rooms fill your ears. No matter the time of day, there always seem to be people practicing and working on their […]

Thunder and Lightning brings an East Coast artists’ festival to warm up your spirits Down the quiet sidewalks of Bridge Street in the frigid nights of January, the warmth of Sackville’s intimate and cozy Thunder and Lightning Ltd. spills out into the world. This week, the welcoming, dimly lit bar was the venue for Cold […]

Adelle Elwood shares a weekly full-album experience with listeners at Mount Allison Each Wednesday evening in the Marjorie Young Bell Conservatory of Music, friends gather in room 100. On those nights, what is a classroom by day turns into a comfortable venue for the Eclectic Listening Club. Together, participants sit and listen to an album […]

Toronto-based artist Dave Dyment explores the “supercut” genre in his work and shares it with the Sackville population For many years, the Owens Art Gallery has hosted exhibitions and programs that explore and celebrate artists of Canadian and international calibre. As the oldest university art gallery in Canada, the Owens has something for everyone, and […]

A centenary symposium was held by the department of music to honour French impressionist composer Claude Debussy One hundred years after his death, Claude Debussy’s music is still considered to be some of the most beautiful and influential to this day. Thought to be one of the most original of “modern” composers, Debussy’s French style, […]

Hart Hall played host to a spooky haunted house put on by members of the faculty of arts The spookiest building on campus took a break from its usual role as faculty offices and classrooms on Sunday. Instead, it acted as the setting for the first Haunted Hart Hall, put on by the Dean of […]

Motyer-Fancy’s sustainable production about climate change sheds light on heavy issues The recent news regarding climate change has undoubtedly shed a new light about environmental issues and how we can collaborate to improve the state of the environment. The UN recently issued a report warning irregular rising temperatures within the next decade or so, introducing […]

The Tantramarsh Blues Society is still going strong after 18 years, but student attendance numbers dwindle Once a three-storey hotel and now a small-town music club, George’s Roadhouse is perhaps a forgotten gem in the town of Sackville. Despite the fact that its doors closed to the everyday public years ago, this secluded venue has […]