Harper Hall’s president, supported by the executive team and house staff, has indefinitely postponed Harper Hall’s annual residence party. Harper president, Dylan Wooley-Berry, made the decision in response to the amount of damages that have taken place over the first month of the school year. The party, usually known as Harper Havoc, is said to […]

Seven Mount Allison students were among the 400,000 protesters who flooded the streets of Manhattan last week in a call for action on climate change. The march was the largest recorded environmental protest. “It didn’t really matter where you were from, because everyone was chanting with one voice,” said Elly Hannon, a second-year fine arts […]

Argosy News Reporter Jean-Sébastien Comeau’s name was misspelled in his cover story byline last week. Sackville’s downtown did not, in fact, close, as was mistakenly implied by the headline “Sackvlle reopens downtown” (page 3). The story was about the reopening of the Bill Johnstone Memorial Park on Main Street, which had closed for renovations. The […]

A recent case of domestic abuse committed by Baltimore Ravens’ running back Ray Rice has brought the NFL under intense public scrutiny. Rice punched his fiancée Janay Palmer in the face and subsequently rendered her unconscious in an elevator in Revel Casino on Feb. 15, 2014. A video of the attack emerged on Sept. 8, […]

Mauril Belanger, a Liberal MP, recently proposed a bill to introduce a small change in the lyrics of the Canadian national anthem. It might be minor, but this change could have remarkably positive effects for women’s rights and Canadian nationalism. The lyrics to “O Canada” might be part of the innate knowledge of the average […]

Last week I wrote about U2 and their new album that came as a free download to iPhone users. Canadian singer and songwriter Leonard Cohen also released a new album last week, available through the usual purchase plans. His thirteenth album, Popular Problems, was released just days after Cohen’s eightieth birthday and it demonstrates his […]

The incoming New Brunswick Liberal government will bring about some much-needed changes.  There are indications that the new premier, Brian Gallant, will remove barriers to abortion. Such a move is long overdue. The closing of the Morgentaler Clinic in July brought the issue to a head. Pressures mounted to make much-needed policy alterations; but the […]