With eleven months before the beginning of the next school year, and just five months since most current leases came into effect, Mount Allison students are already scrambling to secure off-campus housing for next year. The housing rush, an annual event Sackville’s students, brings house showings, lease signings and calls from the landlord. While a […]

Round #1:  (By random draw, I promise.) Windsor Hall vs. Bennett House The “party houses.” Both are crazy, wild and unpredictable. However, one has the clear advantage. Sorry Bennett, but Windsor has the manpower that can’t be beat by a small-scale residence. Bigelow House vs. Thornton House New versus old, youth versus experience, recently closed […]

Artificial sweeteners used widely in processed foods may worsen obesity and Type II diabetes by disrupting our gut microbes. A new study found that sweeteners commonly used for diet foods and reducing calorie intake lead to glucose intolerance, a precursor to many metabolic disorders involved in the modern obesity epidemic. Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, […]

Speed of digital Q&A impresses. Two Mount Allison professors answered questions and engaged in online discussion on the popular link-sharing website Reddit. Organized by a Mount Allison student, the sessions focused on the recent New Brunswick election. Dr. Mario Levesque of the Politics and International Relations Department and Dr. Craig Brett of the Economics Department […]

Exhibition focuses on family relationships. “Loss is my subject,” begins the written statement on Jillian Gooch’s new art exhibition which opened on Friday, Sept. 26 at START Gallery. Gooch is a fourth-year fine arts student at Mount Allison who discovered her love of art in high school, and who feels that art is her strongest […]

Acclaimed organist returns home. Regrettably, many have never experienced an entire recital dedicated to organ music. The sound of a church organ is one that many typically associate with sermons, or perhaps the declarative opening notes of Bach’s iconic “Toccata and Fugue in D minor.” But Shawn Potter, a celebrated organist and Mount Allison alumnus, […]